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Reggae Winehouse

About the band


Reggae Winehouse are a nine piece tribute band who perform the hit songs of the legendary Amy Winehouse In a reggae rub-a-dub style. Amy was a great fan of the reggae genre and often incorporated reggae rifts and melodies into her music. The band was formed in the early part of 2017.


The Soul Sisters & Brothers Of Reggae winehouse

Imani - Vocalist

Leonie - Vocalist

Sanjay - Vocal

Israel - Pianist 

Deeko - Guitarist 

Polo - Bassist 

Errol ~Trombone




Imani. Vocalist

Imani comes from a musically talented family and started her career singing in the family band Israel Movements. Soon after Imani became apart of a group called Connecting Routes as one part of a backing vocals trio namely The sisters of Imani. They later went onto form their own band but soon disbanded to peruse other creative paths. Imani was the last remaining of the trio to continue to persue music and became the lead singer and songwriter of a troupe called The Imani collective which disbanded for maternal leave. Imani has done backing vocals for various artist's on the reggae scene and has done many years of studio work with a local artist and continues to do so. 25 years on from being in a band Imani decided to bring a group of exceptionally talented individuals together and form Reggae Winehouse. Hope you enjoy.


Leonie. Vocalist

Leonie Moore has over 20 years experience as a vocalist and is at home with any genre of music . Leonie has performed lead and backing vocals for various artists, including Black Voices (Southern Africa Tour), Pato Banton (LA and Hawaii Tour) and The Original Wailers (Portugal). Some of Leonie's greatest moments are singing 'Silly Games' (Janet Kay) for Artsfest 2005 and singing for Black Voices at the MVISA Awards 2017. As well as being a part of the band Reggae Winehouse, Leonie also sings lead vocals in VRB (Versatile Reggae Band), Aoede (Trio vocal group) and her own up and coming soul project Tephra Soul.


Sanjay. Vocalist

Sanjay Barclay was born in Portland Jamaica where music is an everyday part of life. Having grown up in England, Sanjay was involved in various types of musical and Drama productions. As an artiste, Sanjay has contributed towards the UK Gospel, Reggae and Garage scene whilst working alongside Divine Intervention (now Gospel link 360). As an Artiste and Worship Leader, she has shown versatility vocally through her Gospel, Reggae and Jazz influence. Currently a member of Reggae Winehouse and enjoys working with great musicians.


Israel. Keyboards

Israel is a self taught key board player who started out young and has played with many local and international artists. Israel does regular work on the live scene with a variety of tribute bands and is currently enjoying working with Reggae Winehouse where he can express his own creativity. 


Deiko. Guitarist

David Parry, aka “Deiko” (pronounced Deeko) is a self taught guitarist and has been actively playing guitar for 45 years with different genres and styles of music. 

His musical passion started in the early years and he was always attracted to the more progressive musical categories but in collaborating with other musicians was exposed to so much more.

Deiko has been Involved with a lot of bands, done sessions, gigs and recordings with other musicians from around the UK, which has proved essential to improving within his musical talent. Deiko's most interesting gig was with ‘The Upsetter’ Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in London 1987 at Dingwalls. Deiko Later released a rock/reggae album titled ‘LOUD’ on Revolver Records in 1989 with the Bass Dance band and released the single  ‘Brotherman’ which mostly got promotion & distribution in Europe. 

After all that and more Deiko still enjoy's playing with good artists and is enjoying working with Reggae Winehouse.


Polo. Bassist

Rupert better known in the business as 'POLO' has been playing music for a number of years now, he originally started in the church band playing various instruments but was always drawn to the bass guitar. He eventually left the church and met up with a group of guys in a band called Mystic Foundation and started playing with them at local pubs and clubs.

In the early 80’s Polo became apart of Asetaman who performed a number of live shows at the Hummingbird and other venues across the UK both as supporting and backing band with various artists such as Macka B, Frankie Paul, John Holt, Tiger, Freddie McGregor, Gregory Issac's. In 1990 Asetaman was booked to do their biggest gig, which was to be the backing band to a number of Jamaican artists including Lady Patra in Japan. During the 90’s Polo met Apache Indian and did two T.V appearances with him as part of a backing band (Top of The Pops and Saturday Morning Breakfast Show). Polo has also played with numerous bands as a session player on various shows and festivals which has taken him all over the world. 

Polo also has his own recording studio called VIBES Productions where he has produced tracks for various local artists such as D’Aggro, T.C and Owen Yriah. He also has produced a number of radio adverts for local radio stations. At present as well as working in his studio on a number of albums, Polo is still touring with other bands and is enjoying his work within Reggae Winehouse.

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